What are the types of storage available via my ownCloud account?

We provide SSD-based Sync storage with a file storage size limit as per your plan. Additionally, you can also add External Storage added by you from other storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, etc.


What is the recommended usage for each type of storage?

You should use Sync storage as an online briefcase to only store important files you want to sync across all devices and access from anywhere. You should use External Storage for storing backups of very large file sizes.


Which files can I store on my ownCloud account?

The types of files you can store using your ownCloud account is governed by the User Conduct section 10 of the Terms of Use.


Why does my storage quota only show the availability & usage of Sync storage?

We only monitor Sync storage that is directly managed by the ownCloud system. The optional External Storage is an extension that uses system storage external to the ownCloud managed system and are therefore not tracked within the system.


What kind of files do not count towards my Sync storage limit?

  • ownCloud created files such as thumbnails (icon previews, pictures app), temporary files, encryption keys, etc.
  • Deleted files in the trashbin
  • Older version files under version control
  • Backup folder contents
  • External Storage folder contents


What is the Personal Settings SSL root certificates field for?

This setting allows a user to import SSL certificates from other servers they want to mount into their ownCloud, and is best used by someone who knows how to manage a Web server. To secure the transfer of your data to our ownCloud servers, we enforce a strict SSL encryption policy. If you have a self-hosted WebDAV server with a self signed SSL certificate, or if your certificate is signed by CaCert, than you can add this root certificate to ownCloud to create a secure SSL connection to your External storage. This allows you to import root certificates you trust, but which are not part of typical system certificate bundles.



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