What is External Storage? What do I need to know before I start using this functionality?

External Storage can be used to add storage to your ownCloud account to store more files which cannot be stored within your user storage quota size. All files stored via ownCloud on the added External Storage are encrypted. They can only be accessed and used via the ownCloud account from where the files were added to the External Storage.


What External Storage options do I have to access via my ownCloud account?

You can use ownCloud Web access to add & access remote folders via SFTP, WebDAV, and add storage from Amazon S3, OpenStack Object Storage, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


How can I add access to my FTP storage, Google Drive and Dropbox files & folders?

The process is described in detail in the External Storage section of the ownCloud User Manual which is available in your ownCloud account.


How can I access External Storage from my ownCloud Account?

You can access it best via Web access, although the speed at which they are visible depends on how far the external storage servers are geographically and the connectivity they provide with respect to iWebz’s servers in India. Please note, other methods of accessing ownCloud files such as PC sync apps and Mobile apps are less reliable and may throw errors when dealing with External Storage. It is recommended you disable the syncing of External Storage folders in PC sync apps.


Can I share files & folders from External Storage?

Yes. You can share files & folders from your External Storage accounts just like any other file & folder in your ownCloud sync storage. You can setup the sharing link duration and secure it with a password too. You can also share these files & folders with other users on ownCloud Accounts.



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